The Universal Mission Statement: New!

The Universal Mission Statement: New!

I read several management magazines to keep me informed of the newest trends. As you can read in my blogs the newest trend is not necessary a new development. In 1 of the magazines I encountered the universal mission statement, applicable to all organizations!

In the magazine this universal mission statement was defined as:

Our mission is to be number 1 in all our major markets, and to build longterm relationships with our customers, while performing cross selling is crucial.

My 1st impression was to write a rather cynical blog, and ridicule this mission statement. But after some thinking I saw possibilities. 1st a definition:

Mission statement: static and short description of the primary function of an organization.

It is clear that the universal mission statement fulfills this definition. We need something extra: We need to make it SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Acceptable
  • Realistic
  • Timeliness

This way we can use the universal mission statement as good starting point to turn it into a business specific mission statement for a specific organization. For instance you should replace 'major markets' by the specific markets of the organization.

You might ask yourself the question why I mention this. I am under the impression that organizations spend a lot of time and scarce resources on defining mission statements and the like, without there being clearly quantifiable benefits. This is a way to cut a lot of the crap I have seen around. And there was another reason.

It caught the attention of my readers that since a couple of months I add photographs to my blogs. Some of those photos invited more reactions than the content of the blog itself. 1 of the questions was: Which business is Results2Match in? This comes close to our mission statement.

Placing photographs is fun, and having fun is essential to us. Placing photo's means that many more remain unplaced. Therefore I take the opportunity to place some of the discarded ones. This time on the subject competition:

2 rowers, who seem to be lost:

2 rowers on their way, but to where?

The racing quad:

The racing quad.

The rally car:

The rally car.

The racing swimmer:

The racing swimmer.

Personally I consider this very beautiful frozen moments in time. If I receive more positive reactions I will throw in some more another time.

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