MyRealTimePerformance: Your Real-Time Personalized Dashboard with Actionable Items!

It becomes more and more important to have access to actual and precise figures. A normal operation report is 'after the fact', and is usually produced after the end of the month. Therefore, it is too late. Also, usually such report contains information from just one source or application.

Results2Match now brings an innovative solution on the market that informs you immediately, has a fast implementation path, and implements your personalized dashboard.

MyRealTimePerformance polls continuously all for your business process relevant information sources, using as many sources and technologies as necessary. This allows you to control and manage Service Level Agreements (SLA's) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) the way you see fit: Real-time and to the point. This enables you to execute a strict service performance level, and cash all benefits of the corresponding bonus and malus conditions.

The advantages of MyRealTimePerformance are the real-time control and notifications, the fast implementation within one month, and your personalized indicators. The real-time control can be a complete business process an/or its results. This includes processes in the Information Computer Technology (ICT), like network and database performance, and business processes outside the ICT, like the economical usage of energy climate control of a building.
The Return On Investment (ROI) is very short. Some examples of the usage of MyRealTimePerformance are the control of the number of waiting patients at a polyclinic, their throughput, and the fast and precise lab assessment of which researched bacteria type is found.

The MyRealTimePerformance solution collects real-time information on performance indicators. In a very innovative manner all the small signal building blocks are transparently integrated into a larger building block, until it becomes the required performance indicator. The system immediately informs you when a critical value is exceeded. This can be done through SMS, e-mail, or be a part of your personal dashboard. There are many sensors available to extract information from many sources in many situations: IT, logistics, medical, and many more.

MyRealTimePerformance not only collects your personal critical indicators, it also lets choose your own business process operation control and process improvement methodology. You like 6Sigma? Use it! Consider 'Zero defects' better? Good! Use can use any method you like to create your actionable items: Also 'Lean production' could help you, as well benchmarking or Business Process engineering (BPR). You can even use common sense! ;)

We are sure that there exists a special MyRealTimePerformance implementation which exactly solves your need for actual figures. Let us discuss: What information do you really need now, and how does your personal dashboard looks like?

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Results2Match has a strong vision on successful Key Performance Indicator strategies and result driven implementations.

This blog is written by Hans Lodder. Hans is a very experienced change management consultant and interim manager. You can contact Hans through his Results2Match email address.

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