New! The Time Variant Business Balanced Score Card (BBSC)

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Have you ever heard of the new time dependent Business Balanced Score Card (BBSC)? No? I did neither. But it seems a logical step from the time invariant BBSC to one varying in time.

An executive manager I recently was talking to complained about the nonsense of his companies BBSC items. He said most of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) did not make any sense. When I asked whether this always had been the case he thought about my question, and he had to admit that he had been a member of the Steering Committee that introduced the BBSC two (2!) years ago. Wow, only 24 months earlier! And now the world looked completely different, and this KPI model representation, which a BBSC sort of is, already was worthless.

Some time ago a likewise matter came up, when I was challenged by one of my clients to suggest Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) measuring Innovation. In fact, I pleaded then and there also for a time variant approach to BBSC and EFQM parameter items.

How could that work? Well you could launch campaigns, or you could run score card items as project with a start and end date to improve some goal you are pursuing. And at the end of a campaign you could use the Go/No Go mile stone as moment in time to reflect upon your success. Ask yourself questions like:

Consider your possibilities with this new approach. In this downturn time you need a little bit extra to beat your competition. Only one small step extra gives you a major incentive in time. And this can make the difference at little extra cost.

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