From KPI's To an Actionable Dashboard Implementation

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Hans van Nes has presented us his ideas regarding on what rules a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) should obey, and how that results in KPI's for Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Information and Computer Technology (ICT) organization. Curiosity raises the question whether a collection of KPI's is also a dashboard. Or do we need to do something extra for this to happen? And what is the answer to 'how'?

Many important and knowledgeable persons have given this implementation aspect their thoughts: How does a dashboard look like. Whole industries are devoted to it. Think of initiatives from European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and the Business Balanced Score Card (BBSC). Some way or another, they have never given me the idea that reporting figures in a consistent way improves things drastically. It is a good step in the right direction, but something is lacking. But what?

Recently I have come across the blog Occam's Razor, where Avinash Kaushik discusses web analytics issues. In the view of Avinash only actionable analytics are interesting, and serve the purpose of progress: Goals, live the process, and provide feedback. And these efforts are only sensible if they result in action! His attributes of a dashboard:

  • A metric needs a context to make sense, and context makes the metric actionable.
  • Segmentation is king: It leads to context.
  • Trends tell more than a single figure, because… Indeed, it provides a context.
  • Metrics are fine, but phrase in words your interpretation: say something about performance, insights, and recommended actions.
  • Limit your dashboard to 1 page, otherwise it becomes a report.

This is what works for Avinash and I agree fully with him! Are you satisfied with the KPI implementation of your organization? Are your KPI's relevant and do they have a clear context? Lead KPI dashboard discussions to significant improvement of the results of your organization?

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