Informal Contacts Help Selling!

This tiger symbolizes your sales teeth!

Yvette Taminiau and Liselore Berghman of the VU University Amsterdam (Netherlands) have completed an exploratitive study on the impact of informal client contacts in consultancy and accountancy. Informal contacts are a game to help selling. Also, some rules are identified, and the report sums up some hypotheses. Time to share some insights.

The report starts with the remark that understanding the business and requirements of your client is mandatory, which seems completely reasonable. The research was concentrated on the question whether consultancy and accountancy firms perform specific tasks to get orders in more difficult times. Informal contacts can be such an instrument to make yourself unique. Some findings:

  • It is essential to create rapport.
  • Informal contacts are an interactive game.
  • The client and you have a reciprocal relationship.
  • The consultant must show a personal side.
  • If you cannot establish rapport, transfer to client to colleague.
  • Work on the right level.
  • Always choose an appropriate setting, location as well as activity.
  • Rapport involves knowledge, skills, and a personal relationship.
  • Informal contacts add to the professional and personal bond.
  • The personal relationship should be considered an CSF.

The researchers end with 5 hypotheses that balance the informal interaction:

  1. Formalization of the informal.
  2. Consultant: An insider or an outsider?
  3. Blurring of boundaries between work and private life.
  4. Create demand and the need to sell.
  5. Adaptation while remaining authentic.

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