Best Practices for Project Resource Estimations

A dashboard is a Best Practice for Project Resource Estimations

Forrester reports that companies are doing well with the resource estimation of small projects. Estimation of large and/or complex projects falls noticeably short. But there is hope: Forrester reports best practices!

Among the by Forrester mentioned metrics estimation best practices are:

  • Groom estimation experts.
  • Base estimates on past results.
  • Cross check estimates using multiple techniques.

Furthermore, Forrester advises to revise estimations as your business knowledge improves.

There is nothing wrong with this advice, and I have been practicing it for years. These points can help you evaluate your progress with improving the software development process. The question is whether you can do more practical things than just that. And yes, you can.

For instance, tools, including metrics tools, can help. Ironically most metrics planning tools are cheap: In the order of the hiring of a business analyst for a couple of months. And they contain an enormous knowledge. You use it to compare your project estimations and actuals to your history of and that of other companies.

Also interesting is the answer to the question why nobody executes these best practices. In my opinion this is due to the fact that managers stay too short in function to really care about best practices. They prefer to score with new programs instead of optimizing core operational processes.

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