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How does a Dutch hospital become the best?

In 2010 the Delft Reinier de Graaf hospital (RDGG) wrote in their Medical Strategic Policy plan 2010-2016 that they have the vision, and the mission (!) to be the best hospital in the Netherlands by 2016. Such a statement gives me a lot of energy! But, how do they manage this?

This scene from Rotterdam (NL) symbolizes the transition from old to new KPI's.

My blog on My Final Checklist of Key Performance and Non-financial Indicators (KPI's) has got quite some attention, being read more than 20,000 times! According to your reactions many of you have used my advice to implement key performance indicators for non-financial processes. However, the results seem to be mixed.

micro-GRC: Safeguarding against many small risks!

Governance Risk, and Compliance (GRC) implementations are necessary, but expensive. Therefore managers do not look very favorable upon GRC improvement projects. But did you ever calculated the gains of many small sustainable improvements? Many small, cheap, and fast improvements lead gradually to sustainable big gains, with little risk!

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